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Ziphomez is here because we believe there is a better way for home sellers and buyers to transact the business of selling or buying a home. Real estate today is transacted with a significant problem. The real estate industry brokerage model and the multiple listing system (MLS) are well over 100 years old.

The world has changed, but real estate has clung to their models that are outdated and inefficient. These models are opaque and designed with rules to protect information that consumers need today to make unbiased, intelligent decisions. The inefficiency of these networks and business models is one of the primary reasons the cost of real estate brokerage services are extraordinarily high.

Ziphomez solves these problems by incorporating the latest technical innovations and business models into a transparent online marketing platform. The platform contains accurate information and cost efficient tools home sellers and buyers need to transact and bypass the current system.

Ziphomez eliminates the need for ineffective promotion utilizing state-of-the-art search engine optimization to engage directly with customers looking to sell or buy a home. Customers use the tools and marketing services zzzipmatch provides. The platform’s reach and efficiency positively impact both the cost to deliver the service and the quality of the results.

Ziphomez has the passion and insights to enable home sellers to sell on the market for the highest possible price.

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Richard Montgomery
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Dakoda Sherman
Mark Montgomery
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